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Artown - Festival of Surreal Animation

Artown - Festival of Surreal Animation

Spanish Springs Library presents in HD a spectacular and imaginative surreal festival of animation including premieres of several new works and special screenings of classic films of the Brothers Quay and Ladislav Starewitch.

A program of new and classic films featuring stop motion animation.
A film by the Brothers Quay:

  • The Comb (1990) 17 min. A woman dreams of a surreal landscape filled with strange objects and puppets in a wordless, visually complex film.

Two films by Swedish author/animator Magic Frigen:

  • Memory Scan Machine (2021) 10 min. Using a quirky blend of live action and animation, the film depicts a mysterious machine that recovers lost memories.
  • The Secret Doll Society (2020) 5 min. Several secretive and eccentric dolls have formed a society on the fringes of reality.

Premiere screenings of three films by William Kersten:

  • The Metaphysician's Dream (2020) 15 min. A mannikin and assistant materialize living but indeterminate objects from a parallel universe. Inspired by surreal paintings of de Chirico and Tanguy,

filmmaker /composer William Kersten creates a metaphysical world with wooden puppets, miniature sets and orchestral music.

  • The Projectionist of Being (2021) 17 min. A ghostly projectionist discovers space-time is directly affected by his projector.
  • The Toys of the Philosopher (2022) 15 min. Enigmatic toy-like objects that seem to be alive explore a desolate surreal landscape.

A film by Swedish animator/puppet maker Richard Svensson:

  • Report from the Ghooric Zone (2021) 8 min. The Lovecraft-influenced film features bizarre creatures discovered by an explorer of an alien universe.

Two films by master animator Ladislav Starewitch presented by special arrangement with Films Starewitch, France:

  • The Voice of the Nightingale (La Voix du Rossignol 1925) 13 min. A young girl who captures a nightingale and its mate realizes that birds are not made to be captive but free. Ladislav Starewitch wrote, animated and filmed with only the help of his daughter Nina Star, showing his masterful use of puppets and elaborate sets to tell fairytale-like stories.
  • The Mascot (Fetiche 1933) 26 min. A stuffed dog comes to life and goes on a long journey to find an orange for the ailing little girl who owns him. Considered the masterpiece of Ladislav Starewitch, the film features a large array of imaginative puppets and spectacular, detailed settings.




Friday, July 22, 2022
7:00pm - 10:00pm
Paiute Room, Washoe Room
Spanish Springs Library
Artown Film
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