SV Closure

The Sierra View Library will be closed for renovations beginning Monday, October 10. The library is expected to reopen in February 2023.

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Book a Librarian

Book a Librarian

We can help you complete online job applications, file for unemployment, set up an email address, apply for government assistance, and more. Make an appointment, and a librarian will do their best to help you.

Please bring all necessary documents and materials you will need to complete your task. This may include logins and passwords, cell phone, and a flash drive (flash drives can be purchased at the library for $6).  Remember that library staff cannot assess, review, or complete items for you. Call 775-827-3232 to make an appointment at either of the below locations.

Sierra View Library: Wednesdays from 10 am-1 pm and Thursdays 3 pm-6:30 pm.

Duncan Traner Community Library: Fridays 3 pm-5:30 pm.

Friday, December 16, 2022
3:00pm - 5:30pm
Duncan/Traner Community Library
Community Computers & Technology