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Nevada Historical Society presents High Noon with Neal Cobb: Nevada’s Times in Rhymes

Nevada Historical Society presents High Noon with Neal Cobb: Nevada’s Times in Rhymes

Nevada Historical Society presents High Noon with Neal Cobb, a wonderful history series that delves into fascinating Nevada topics with local experts. Neal Cobb is a passionate historian and honorary curator for the Nevada Historical Society. He loves all things Nevada. Join Neal Cobb and our monthly speakers as we explore interesting topics and join in the audience conversations. 

September Guest Speaker: Jerry Aaron, author
Program Title: Nevada’s Times in Rhymes

Aaron's book, Nevada's Times in Rhymes, takes the reader on a fun-filled path of learning via rhymes. It begins with the Great Basin’s prehistoric times and moves onward to modern day. The rhymes convey much of Nevada’s history while providing information about the Silver State’s towns, wildlife, mining, rivers, its long-ago railroads and much more. Within the books ninety-six pages are sixty-eight poems with over two hundred colorful illustrations that will augment the storyline as the readers travels to all areas of the Sagebrush State.

Biography of Jerry Aaron:

I was first introduced to Nevada at the age of fourteen when my dad came to work in Reno for the summer of 1957. The bright lights of the “Biggest Little City” and crowds on Virginia Street seemed so exciting. With my dad’s help I was able to quickly meet other young teenagers in the area. I soon saw a way of life much different than my home state of California. There seemed to be more freedom and things to do. You could fish along the Truckee River right in the middle of town and search for old wedding rings under the Virginia Street Bridge. There were old mines to explore not far from town and the vastness of the high desert was alluring.

For the next couple of years, we moved back and forth from Nevada to California. But the freedom and excitement of Nevada and the adventures that awaited lured me back in the mid-1960s. I spent over fifty years in the trucking industry starting as a truck driver and working into middle management and sales. These positions allowed me to travel throughout the Silver State and meet great people and see the interworking’s of Nevada firsthand. Intertwined with exploring ghost towns and airplane crashes were many years of automotive actives long before Hot August Nights came into being. I wrote freelance articles for several car magazines and spent eighteen years as Show Chairman for the Reno Autorama.

In recent years I have written history books on trucking as well as the history of this great state itself. My wife Sunya and I have lived in Sparks nearly forty years and my youngest son and daughter were born at Washoe Hospital and live in the Reno. I have been retired for three years and get out in the desert with my Jeepin’ buddy’s as often as I can until my ashes become part of this land I love. 

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Thursday, September 16, 2021
12:00pm - 1:00pm
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