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Spark the Imagination

Spark the Imagination

Spark your child’s imagination on the second Sunday of every month with this FREE hour-long workshop, designed for kids ages 6-12. There will be a presentation and a related hands-on activity. This collaborative effort is brought to you by The Generator, City of Sparks, and Washoe County Library System.  

Christie Finn is a painter and mixed media artist who has found a passion in working with natural elements and finding beauty in the cycle of life by using ethically sourced insects, bones, and other animal materials to create nature inspired art pieces. She will provide participants with a range of natural materials in order to craft their own art displays. She will also be offering participants the opportunity to delve into the messier side of her craft by dissecting portions of owl pellets and bringing their findings home for future art projects.

Programs space is first come first served and limited based on available space and supplies.

Sunday, July 14, 2024
11:00am - 12:00pm
Meeting Room
Sparks Library
Registrations open at 11:00am Sunday, July 7, 2024